Welcome to Prosan Engineering Coy. LTD

Prosan Engineering Company Limited is an indigenous Engineering Construction Company established in 1992 with a professional practice embracing the following activities i.e. Drilling of Boreholes, Fabrication of Water Treatment Plant, Fabrication of Welded Steel Tanks, Building of Dams and Engineering Consultancy. We have expertise in Environmental Engineering, GIS, Computer Analysis, Training and Manpower Development.

Our firm is organized into these main divisions.

  • 1.

    Water Resources Engineering

    Irrigation & Drainage Engineering

  • 2.

    Transportation Engineering

    Building & Structural Engineering

  • 3.

    Electro-Mechanical Engineering

    Crane Services

  • 4.

    We are also involved in Training of Clients' Staff (on-the-job training), providing advisory roles to clients and assessing the various modes of operation and maintenance of projects.

Why Prosan-Tech Plants?

  • 1.

    High Reliability through fixinstalled standby-pump

    Low running cost due to low power consumption and easy maintenence

  • 2.

    Simply erected containerised system

    Simply operated only one handle has to be moved for filter back washing (The backwash velocity is higher than the operating velocity)

  • 3.

    Corrosion proof, all parts are sandblasted and protected by a 3 ply coating

    Short period of delivery

  • 4.

    Short erection time

    Long Service Life

    Standardized module units-easy to extend

Shiloh Silos LTD:

This is another subsidiary company under PROSAN ENGINEERING CO. LTD We specialize in design and manufacturing of grain storage and handling systems. Our Proficient carriage or control stores commodities such as wheat, rice, corn, pulses, palm kernels and also animal feeds, wood pellets, polyethylene resin beads and some minerals. Should you require large or small storage system, Shiloh Silos will provide you with the design and manufacturing support services.

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